Affiliated organisations

Eurofrigo BV is tightly connected and cooperates with the following affiliated organisations that make up the Nichirei Corporation.

Thermotraffic Group

Thermotraffic Group specialises in temperature-controlled transportation and customs clearance in Europe. Thermotraffic has offices, among others, in Europe, Germany, England, Belgium, and France.


Frigo logistics

Frigo logistics is a leading logistics operator for deep-frozen products in Poland, with 3 facilities in Znin, Radomsko and Warsaw.


Godfroy Group

Godfroy Group offers transport and storage for frozen and other products in Carpiquet, Colombelles, Le Havre and Lyon, in France. 



HIWA is a logistic service provider, specialising in fruit juice. In addition to services as storage and transport, the company offers facilities and services for the transhipment, mixing and blending of fruit juice.

Certified according to the highest quality standards

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