According to EU guidelines, all import containers with fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, and plant-based products (containers with plant or animal cargo, as well as various HRL foodproducts) must be approved at the outer borders of Europe by various inspection services. Eurofrigo BV facilitates these inspection services with three of its own checkpoints, one of which is a checkpoint for products not for human consumption, at the Maasvlakte location. Throught our years of experience and qualified staff the inspections are professionally carried out and handlle with care.

Eurofrigo BV performs more than 30,000 inspections a year.

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) is a part of the government, which, among other things, supervises food safety procedures and is present during the working/checking hours of our checkpoints. The approved goods can then be shipped to their final destination or stored in one of our refrigeration/freezer facilities.

We also provide the necessary health and transport certificates. For further information, please contact Ricardo Rackwitsz:  

Certified according to the highest quality standards

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