Monday 15 November 2021

Eurofrigo prepared for increasing supply chain complexity

On Monday November 8, logistics service provider Eurofrigo launched the company’s new corporate identity. The unveiling took place at the newly built coldstore on the Maasvlakte, which Eurofrigo will start using at the end of this year. “Brexit, the corona pandemic and recent international political developments have a huge impact on the supply chain,” said managing director Jeroen Tempels during the launch. “The complexity has increased and we show that we embrace the possibilities.”

Eurofrigo is a leading temperature-controlled logistics company with a global network, and is part of Nichirei Cooperation, a major player in logistics worldwide. The company has been represented in the port of Rotterdam for decades and established its first inspection point (border inspection post) in 1993, which has been expanded since then. Eurofrigo has employees of several generations, some of whom have been working for almost 50 years. The company has built up a lot of experience in import, export and – in collaboration with the NVWA (Dutch Food Authority) – processing health certificates. In addition to offices in Rotterdam, Eurofrigo also has locations in the south of the Netherlands, including in Venlo and Roermond.

Prepared for the future

Tempels: “Our new corporate identity marks a time in which we cherish the history of Eurofrigo, but at the same time look ahead at how we can use the company’s vast experience in response to the increased dynamics in the supply chain. An example: in the preparation for Brexit, a Eurofrigo team was involved in knowledge sessions in collaboration with the NVWA and customs. What is special is that enormous knowledge and experience was involved from both the government and the business community, and the will to jointly find solutions for Brexit. It shows the possibilities of the knowledge and experience within Eurofrigo and the will to work together with other partners towards solutions. Our role has become much broader. We have become both a supply chain partner and a knowledge partner with regards to the development of innovative solutions for the supply chain.”


The new location where the corporate identity was presented underlines the ambitions with which Eurofrigo is tackling the logistical challenges of our time. The new coldstore is sustainably built (BREEAM) and equipped with all kinds of energy-efficient solutions. Flexible temperature zones, an increased storage capacity and inspection points designed for a faster and more effective flow show that Eurofrigo focuses more specifically on today’s dynamics with the coldstore. In addition, Eurofrigo also focuses more on full service customers by also offering Value Added Services, for example by preparing products for retail.

Cooperation NVWA

One of the main advantages of the new location is the inspection point (border inspection post). Eurofrigo carries out around 30,000 inspections of veterinary and phytosanitary cargo every year and has been working closely with the NVWA for years. The inspection point meets the most modern requirements, and the process is designed to guarantee a faster and more effective flow. “With the continuous demand on handling volumes, this is really an investment in the future,” says Tempels. “The volumes in food supply chains is increasing worldwide, and efficient handling is essential.”

Certified according to the highest quality standards

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